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“To launch an attack as he did on Captain Khan’s mother, a Gold Star mother, who stood there on that stage with her husband honoring the sacrifice of their son,” she told reporters gathered at a campaign stop in Ashland, Ohio, “I don’t know where the bounds are. I don’t know where the bottom is.”

Experts attempt to explain Trump’s unbelievably inappropriate behavior with many interesting, and some quite viable, theories without touching on the basic, underlying source of his ability to attract and hold followers, seemingly oblivious to anything he says and does.

It’s one neurochemical in particular, and without an easy understanding of its habit forming highs, analysts are trying to understand the Trump phenomena with at least one hand tied behind their backs.  Dissecting Trump’s popularity without insight about the powerful influence of dopamine, is akin to methods used to treat disease before modern microscopes detected the role of viruses and bacteria.

Neuroscience can explain how Trump is using dopamine, a naturally occurring brain chemical, to control the thinking and behavior of his followers.  Research and metrics are all there to “pull the curtain on Oz (aka Trump), revealing how his followers are being duped into an addiction to the dopamine fixes his rude, mean-spirited, belligerence delivers.

Dopamine, in healthy amounts keeps us alert to danger, and is essential for human survival. It’s completely apolitical.  Whether it’s triggered by authentic or ginned up anger and fear, it activates the same region of the brain, as amphetamines and cocaine, because in fact it is an opioid.

When dopamine levels soar above normal, the most advanced part of the human brain, the prefrontal cortex, shuts down.  Communications between the more primitive, mammalian brain, home to impulsive anger and reckless aggression, and the modern, human brain, the region able to think critically, see the big picture, work together, feel empathy, and control emotions, is blocked.  Trump’s dopamine addicts are rendered incapable of independent thinking and behavior.  They’re hooked.  They won’t challenge Trump’s harsh, ill-chosen, deceptive, egotistical, bullying rhetoric.  They will mindlessly do his bidding, and they will certainly turn out to vote in legions for their pusher.

His supporters may find his anger and ferocious aggressiveness a surrogate expression of their own frustration, but it’s doubtful that his addicted minions would be happy to know that, like puppets, they’re being manipulated.  Trump is pulling their neurochemical strings, so that they’re dancing for dopamine.

There are No Bounds.  There is No Limit

With ever more outrageous actions, Trump is able to pump out even larger fixes of dopamine to meet his follower’s rising tolerance for the drug he’s pushing. As with addictions to street drugs, Trump’s junkies must continue to clamor for a meaner, more outrageous campaign simply to maintain their highs.

Unless news of their growing dependence becomes general knowledge, and an intentional choice is made to detox (by avoiding inflammatory media and conversation) back to safe, sane levels of dopamine, their craving will demand more hideous behavior between now and November 7th.  And, should Trump prevail in November, there will be 4 more years of escalating ruthlessness.  It will be unchecked by logic or compassion, because, no one is more addicted or higher on dopamine, and less able to access the reason of his human brain functions, than Donald Trump.

Read more about the impact of dopamine on politics, at: http://thebrainyouneed.com/?s=trump



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