Thanks Sarah Palin!

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Humor doesn’t just tickle the funny bone. Our guffaws and yuks also ramp up the dopamine sources in our brains.  When Palin, a politician with a bachelor’s degree in communications, claims to be “as much of a scientist as Bill Nye”, with a degree in mechanical engineering,  who did innovative engineering for Boeing , is one of the developers of The Planetary Society’s remarkable solar sail technology, and has spent decades working in sBill-Nye-YouTubecience advocacy and education, all we can do is enjoy a hardy laugh.

But the laughter, compliments of Palin’s comment, is more than just ridiculous fun. It also:

Boosts our immune function

Releases endorphins

Relaxes muscles

Aids digestion

Enhances creativity

Improves memory

Supports healthy blood pressure

Encourages sound sleep

So, Sarah, stay goofy, and thank you!


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