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Make the world you want, and, build the brain of your choice, all in one! It’s just a matter of what you think and do with enough repetition that adds up to the small details and big picture of our individual and collective realities. That’s it! Sound too good to be true?  It should, because until recently, we didn’t understand the awesome opportunities we’re beginning to discover using the natural neuroplasticity of our brains.

Neuroplasticity  describes our brain’s ability to change its circuitry to compensate for birth defects, damage, disease.  For individuals coping with those serious conditions, the  capacity of neuroplasticity to reconstruct and rewire around pathology can be nothing short of miraculous. Coupling the mechanisms of neuroplasticity with new technology and training, lives that would have been severely compromised in the past,  can often be restored to a much higher lever of wholeness.  Think Gabby Giffords and Malala Yousafzai, for example.

For healthy brains,  the opportunity for us is to put neuroplasticity to work for us instead of against us.  By intentionally directing our  thoughts and behavior away from anger and fear, we’re literally restructuring our brains to operate using the best of human critical thinking, planning, innovation, empathy, and emotional regulation.

Every waking moment we’re wiring or reinforcing existing brain networks according to whatever we think, feel, and do. No matter what occurs, some imprint on the brain’s activity and structure is unavoidable. If you remember anything you’ve read in this description of neuroplasticity, then you’ve stored that new information in your brain via the formation of new connections you just made!

Like muscle groups throughout the body, neuroplasticity promises that it’s the number of reps we give to any thought or action, accidental or intentional, helpful or destructive, that determines which circuits are the strongest and run the show called Our Life. This recent understanding about our brain’s neuroplasticity hands us a previously unimaginable source of personal power.

If you’d like more details about what’s actually going on in your brain, and how accelerate whatever it is you want to see show up in your world, type  “Neuroplasticity”,  into the search window! And, if you really want to kick your life into high gear, click on “Dopamine”, too! With even a little info about those two features of our brain, you’ll be light years ahead of most everyone else.  Hopefully,  we’ll all be in on these “secrets” soon.  When that happens we’ll create a quantum leap ahead in the quality of life for everyone!


A very special thanks to Brian Andreas and the remarkable Story People for this graphic. I look forward to their daily posts, like my morning cup of coffee.  You might find similar delight in their wit, whimsy, and wisdom: https://www.storypeople.com/


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